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Collagen for Paleo Lifestyle

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Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo lifestyle is becoming more and more popular every day. But modern food is incredibly different than the food of our ancestors. Our ancestral relatives hunted their game and as a result, they had access to the purest form of meat available. Today, we no longer have to hunt. Our main sources of protein are farmed and so genetically different that we must turn to other sources to stay true to a pure and natural paleo diet. Farmers are doing their best to pasture raise cattle in an attempt to provide a more natural setting. However, we often discard essential parts of the cow. The hard tendons and connective tissues house collagen and these are not always the easiest to cook nor the most accessible. By using Traditional Tonic you can supplement your diet naturally and get the benefits our ancestors received.

Collagen for a Paleo Lifestyle

By consuming collagen, you can ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients missed by even the cleanest eaters. Natural collagen levels start to decline in a person’s mid-twenties and the nourishing collagen that is edible is not easy to obtain unless you use a supplement such as our Traditional Tonic. By taking a regular amount of collagen you can support your muscles, tendons, joints, hair, skin, nails, gut, and even your brain function. Your skin will age slower, remain elastic, and even heal quicker. It is never too late to try collagen and test the benefits for yourself. This product is highly soluble so you can mix it with all of your favorite food recipes and beverages. Following your dietary guidelines is important, and we make it easy to add because it is highly soluble. We recommend adding it to fruit or vegetable smoothies, homemade protein bars, and soups for a simple fix.