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Collagen and Color for a Bold Hair Season


Boldly-dyed hair is having a serious fashion moment. From lavender to silver to blue and beyond, unnatural hair colors are no longer reserved for counter-culture movements. These bold hair choices are becoming more and more mainstream, giving those brave enough the opportunity to celebrate their personalities and explore their fashion senses with unique hair shades. Fall has such a unique mood, it is the perfect time of year to try out a new hairstyle that makes you feel ready for the witching season. You can have a seriously great hair season this year with some grungy, cool color options and Beauty Tonic.

  Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically designed to support your hair, skin, and nails. On a consistent Beauty Tonic Regimen, you’ll see less fallout and smoother hair that is longer and stronger, making a collagen supplement the perfect way to prep your hair for a big change like dye. Dying your hair, though it is an awesome way to express yourself, can be damaging to your locks so, before you try out a new fall hue, make sure you’re protected with Beauty Tonic. Now that your hair is healthy enough to withstand some experimentation, it’s time to get into the fall vibe with some seriously cool hair colors. Here are our top-3 picks for grungy-glam looks this fall.

Honey-Brown: If you’re not ready for a full-color transformation, consider going honey-brown this fall. This shade is deep and complex with just the right amount of a sun-kissed vibe to keep summer alive while accepting the colder weather. With hair this color, you can truly become one with the fall leaves. Trust us, this hair hue might sound bland but it is transcendent at glow hour.

Burgundy: What better fall hair color could there be than the dreamy mixture of purple and red that is burgundy? Funky enough to fit in on Halloween but glamorous enough to look amazing with any fashion choice, this hair color is bold but versatile. It’s a gentle and gorgeous way to slowly step into bold hair.

Deep Green: If you want to go full-on daring this fall, you can’t go wrong with deep green locks. We’re talking green so dark it’s almost black for a seriously bewitching and eye-catching style. This choice might be a little out there for some but, done right, this color can look so funky and chic that you’ll be the talk of your FB friends in no time.