Building your Exercise Endurance - Custom Collagen


Building your Exercise Endurance


Whether you want to get back into exercise, you’re trying to up your workout game, or you just want to do more in your everyday life without getting tired, your endurance is the thing you need to build. Endurance, or stamina, is the trait that lets you do strenuous activities for a longer period of time so to unlock your exercise potential, you need to know how best to build your endurance. Follow these tips to enhance your stamina and give yourself the ability to reach your exercise goals.

  1. Give your body the protein it needs. In order to exert the energy it takes to endure, you need to start with plenty of healthy proteins. Gym & Tonic is a great way to get that protein. Just one scoop of Gym & Tonic contains 20 grams of protein and 18 amino acids that your body can use to feed your muscles and power your workout. On top of that, the collagen in Gym & Tonic supports joint health so your joints won’t complain when you push them a little further than they’re used to.
  2. Gradually lower the amount of time you rest between workout sets. People generally allow themselves about 90 seconds between sets of exercises. If you lower that time to 60 seconds and then, eventually 30, your endurance will gradually build. You can also lower the amount of weight you’re using in weight-based exercises so that your muscles have less resistance and you can move faster.
  3. Don’t focus on one type of exercise each day. The best way to build endurance is to make your whole body work in every exercise session. If you force yourself to do cardio and weight-training on the same day, your endurance will build much more than if you only pay attention to one exercise type or one body part each time you work out.
  4. Add a few sprints or bursts of quick, hard activity to your exercises. Some exercises are slow, timed, and focused on strengthening which is great for building muscle but endurance is built by faster movement. Push out a short and intense round of exercise once or twice each exercise session to build stamina. (Remember to listen if your body tells you where your limits are!)