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Bone Collagen vs Bone Broth

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Bone Broth

Bone broth is all the rage these days! Many companies are selling bone broth in powder and/or liquid form to help aid with digestion, arthritis and much more. Bone broth can be made by simmering animal bones with various vegetables and herbs for several hours or days. During the simmering process, the bones release many beneficial nutrients such as collagen, glycine, proline, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These healing nutrients are ideal for your immune system and health issues like leaky gut syndrome. Bone broth is often sold in ready-to-drink containers but is becoming more popular in a spray dried powder form. This allows consumers to mix the powder into something with ample liquid that is convenient for them. The powder will often have a "meaty" taste and it may contain elevated amounts of sodium.

Bone Collagen

Bone collagen is simply the collagen that is extracted from the bones of animals. It is made similarly to the way bone broth is made. The animal bones are simmered for days until they release the collagen from within. Collagen is the most integral part of a bone broth. It naturally contain amino acids such as glycine and proline. The collagen is then separated from the rest of the liquid and spray dried into a powder. Bone collagen does not contain any of the additional ingredients that are in a bone broth. It is an unflavored powder that contains zero fat, zero carbs, zero sugar and it low in calories and sodium. Bone collagen has numerous health benefits such as improved digestion, brain function, natural sleep, inflammation, and joint discomfort.

The difference

Bone broth is what you would imagine as the base to a soup. It's a liquid that is the result of simmering animal bones, vegetables and herbs. Bone collagen is recognized as the most important part of a bone broth and is separated from the other ingredients so that it can be spray tried and used as a dietary supplement.

So what is bone broth collagen?

Bone broth collagen is a confusing phrase and each company offers their own interpretation. As stated above, bone broth does contain collagen. However, there may only be 5 grams of collagen per serving in a bone broth since bone broth is filled with other ingredients. A bone collagen supplement would contain closer to 11 grams of collagen per serving as it is purely collagen. When comparing products, be sure to read the ingredients and supplement facts. If you see the word "concentrate," the product is most likely a spray dried bone broth and not pure collagen. Potassium and calcium content also indicate a bone broth. Bone collagen does not contain either of these. Calcium and potassium are naturally found in many other areas of our diet. Collagen is not. Supplement with bone collagen today for optimum internal healing!