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Avoiding the Vegetarian Junk-Food Trap

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Going vegetarian can take a lot of work. From making sure you’re still getting enough vitamin B12 and protein to finding new dishes you can eat at your favorite restaurants, there is a lot more to consider at each meal when you don’t eat meat. Unfortunately, that difficulty can lead some vegetarians into the trap of processed and pre-packaged vegetarian foods that are easy and tasty but, often, unhealthy.

The easiest way to enjoy some of the same foods you did before you became a vegetarian is to replace the meat with processed and veggie-based imitation meat. The freezer section of most grocery stores offer lots of options in this category from burgers to imitation chicken strips. The draw is clear; they’re easy, fairly tasty, and familiar. But often these frozen products suffer from the same pitfalls of other frozen foods; they are prepared with unhealthy amounts of salt and preservatives that can cause bloating and weight gain. There are some packaged options that are healthier than others but tofu, beans, and home-made veggie patties are often better options for protein substitutes.

Eating vegetarian can also lead to an over-reliance on starches like potatoes and pasta. Making filling meals is much easier when you can reach for potatoes, sweet potatoes, or noodles but, as with everything in life, moderation is important. Pasta and potatoes are heavy carbs that can become cornerstones to an unhealthy vegetarian diet. It’s important to reach for healthy grains and greens that can be the base for more complete meals.

Of course, one of the most dangerous areas of your food life is snacking. Being vegetarian often still allows you to reach for the same chips, cookies, sugary cereals, and candies as before. But as a vegetarian, it is so important to be getting the right vitamins and minerals. Switch your easy-to-grab snacks for fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, and cheeses; you can even enjoy some air-popped popcorn. Just because planning your daily food isn’t as easy anymore doesn’t mean your choices should be sub-par.