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Airline Travel Tips for Staying Sane and Healthy


Summer is travel season! Now is the time for taking trips to faraway places and exploring new locals. Travel gives us new experiences and perspectives and also helps us wind down from our every-day lives. But there is one aspect of vacationing that can do more harm than good; airline travel is often stressful and can wreak havoc on your mind, body, and overall health. Give yourself the best shot of arriving to your destination and getting home healthy and happy with these airline travel tips:

  1. Take your vitamins: Sitting in close proximity to hundreds of other people in an enclosed space is not always the best situation for your immune system. Being stuck near people who might be sick and carrying germs means your chance of getting sick is high enough to take some precautions. You can lower your chance of getting sick on a plane by making sure you go in healthy. Take your vitamins, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest so that your immune system isn’t compromised when you step onboard.
  2. Protect your skin and joints with Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen: On top of the germs stuck in your plane, all of that compressed plane air can really dry out your skin. Getting off the plane you will find your skin looking duller and tired but you can protect your skin and help it bounce back by giving your body a little extra collagen with Traditional Tonic. The collagen and amino acids in Traditional Tonic also help your body protect your joints and refresh your muscles with can lock up on a long flight.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get up and stretch: Sitting for hours in a cramped seat can cause a few problems for you; a prolonged period in one position can cause muscles and joints to be stiff when you reach your destination, making enjoying your trip a little more difficult. Sitting around with little to do can also bring about boredom, as anyone who has taken a long flight knows. To avoid these issues, remember that it’s okay to get up and walk down the plane and back once in a while as long as the seat-belt sign is not on and you listen to airplane staff. Try to book yourself an aisle seat so that you won’t feel bad making your seat-mates move so that you can stretch.