Achieving a Dewy Makeup Look in Four Easy Steps - Custom Collagen


Achieving a Dewy Makeup Look in Four Easy Steps


The makeup world has become obsessed by matte finishes in the last few years. Matte foundations are the norm and many popular makeup looks involve only matte products aside from a splash of highlighter. Matte foundations can be beneficial to people with oily skin as they might control the oil but matte isn’t perfect. Matte makeup looks can emphasize dry skin and imperfections and, as we know, all trends come in phases and the makeup world is beginning to bounce back. This year, makeup is moving away from matte looks and heading straight for super-dewy looks that give a radiant glow. Here’s how you can follow the trend and achieve an effortless dewy look in four easy steps.

  1. Make sure your skin glows naturally with a Beauty Tonic regimen. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that contains collagen types I and III, the two types your body uses to support your skin. With the collagen it needs, your skin can fight wrinkles and other imperfections to create the perfect canvas. Simply mix one single-use stick of Beauty Tonic into your morning tea, coffee, or water and remember to keep consistent for best results.
  2. Choose a dewy foundation that won’t make you too oily. Look for a foundation that matches your skin tone and is hydrating. To keep it dewy, apply the foundation with a damp makeup sponge and avoid powdering your face as that will mattify the foundation. Keep your powder contained to your under-eye area and, if you have trouble with oil, your T-zone.
  3. Apply blush! If you want a dewy look it’s important to apply blush to plump and brighten your cheeks. Choose a natural shade but one that has a brighter tone (corals are often good for adding glow) and make sure to blend well so that it looks natural.
  4. Of course, the final step is to add highlighter. Choose highlighters with file reflective particles rather than glitter so that they glow without adding texture to your face. Apply the highlighter to your cheekbones, the arch of your eyebrows, above your lip, and to the bridge of your nose. Just be sure that you’re only applying it sparingly so that you have a natural glow.