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Achieve the Best Fall Hairstyles with Collagen

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A new season means new style trends and fall is bringing us some fun new hairstyles to get us in the autumn mood. The resurgence of 90s fashion has us going gaga over major throw-back hairstyles that will be perfect with your fall plaid and grungy Halloween-season outfits. Whether you have long or short hair, this season has a style for you to try out. Make sure your hair is strong and versatile enough for any hair trend with a Beauty Tonic collagen regimen. Beauty Tonic contains the two types of collagen protein your body uses to support your hair which means that a Beauty Tonic regimen can help your hair grow faster, longer, and stronger with less fall-out. With beautiful and protected hair, you can feel confident enough to try all of these fall 2018 styles.

  • Slicked and straight: the first fall 2018 hair trend is an easy one: stick-straight, slicked-down hair. Celebs with long and short hair have been spotting this trend, generally paired with a center part for an ultra-classic look. We suggest using a hair serum to keep flyaway hairs and frizz under control for a sleek look.
  • Crimped hair: On the opposite end of the hair-texture spectrum, 90s-inspired crimping is back. It may be time to pull your old crimping iron out of the closet to get this fun, bouncy look. For an easier version, simply shower at night and braid your hair to wake up with crimped locks. Add some volumizing spray or dry shampoo for a pumped-up look.
  • Braided crowns: A quintessential fall style, braid crowns are back this year. You may need long hair for this look and some skill at French braiding is definitely required. Starting on one side of your head, create a French braid that pulls all of your hair into a braided crown, leaving out some whispy strands for a whimsical vibe. This style looks great with any outfit and is perfect for attending a fall wedding or cocktail party.
  • Scrunchie styles: Another 90s staple having a comeback this year is the infamous scrunchie. From neutrals to bright colors to floral patterns, a variety of scrunchies are available at just about every store that sells hair accessories and these open up lots of style options. From low srunchie buns to side braids and high pony-tails, don’t be afraid to play with your scrunchies this season!