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Achieve the Best Spring 2018 Nail Trends with Collagen


 We’re entering a new season and that means the fashion world is in full transition. Trends that lasted us through the winter are being exchanged for new colors and ideas in the spring 2018 season and that includes our nails! As always, the spring fashion runway shows featured truly extravagant nail looks from bejeweled 3-D flowers to full hands dipped in holographic glitter but those are hardly home-recreation friendly! Still, the runways did inspire some great colors and styles you can pull off at home for the spring season.

Here are the colors trending this spring:

Ultraviolet: Of course ultraviolet has to be the first color on the top of the spring 2018 list as it was named Pantone’s color of the year for 2018! This bright purple shade is versatile enough that I think we’ll be seeing it all year long so you might as well start off strong by incorporating it into your spring nail repertoire. For spring, brighten the color with some gold glitter or a stripe of a lighter color.

Traditional Soft Hues: Spring is always a time for pastel trends and this year is no exception. The difference this year is that spring fashion is seeing less soft pinks and purples and, instead, we are trending baby blue and light yellow as the pastels of choice this season.

Neon Colors: Though summer usually corners the market on vibrant colors, both hot pink and bright orange are seeing an early entrance onto the nail scene this year. Maybe we’re all eager for warmer weather; painting your nails in these bright hues will certainly leave you feeling warm and ready for fun!

Light Nudes and White: The nude nail trend is definitely not over by any means but this spring is seeing a new turn in the story with fashion favoring very light nudes and even white on nails. This look is classic and elegant while also giving you a high-fashion edge. Try painting different light nudes onto each nail for a funky spin.

Now for the styles that are trending:

Textured Nails: Textured nails are seeing a huge resurgence in 2018 and getting a funky textured look is easier than ever before. Drug stores are now selling 3-D nail decals that you can lay onto your nail underneath a coat of colored polish to give your nail textured patterns that mimic everything from raised polka-dots to the texture of a cable-knit sweater. These patterns look especially chic under a nude nail color.

Metallic Ombre: Metallic polish seem to be here to stay and spring isn’t shying away, though we are seeing more gold and rose-gold than silver, but styling is putting a new spin on this trend. Try applying an ombre metallic look by using different shades of gold on each nail or painting several shades onto each nail. The look is fresh and fun.

Leaving Blank Space: Another funky trend for spring 2018 is incorporating blank space into your nail look. We are seeing colored tips with un-painted bases but this trend goes beyond even that. Try applying a thin strip of tape across the center of your nail as you apply colors and then remove it to let your natural nail show through. Play with shapes and angles of your peekaboo nail look and you will look fashion-mag ready!

All in all, spring 2018 is looking like a very exciting time for nail trends. With so many interesting colors and techniques to try, it’s important to have strong, beautiful nails to pull them all off. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that will help your nails grow faster, longer, and stronger so that you have a gorgeous canvas for all of this year’s trends. Beauty Tonic will even strengthen the nail so that it stands up better to frequent style experiments. Make sure you have long nails you’re thrilled to show off in every spring 2018 color by starting a Beauty Tonic regimen today!