Achieve a Flawless Natural Highlight with Collagen - Custom Collagen


Achieve a Flawless Natural Highlight with Collagen

Highlight Trend

What once seemed a fashion fad has now become a beauty staple; highlighting powder is everywhere and it’s easy to see why this beauty-routine step has caught on. Adding a bit of highlight to a makeup look gives the face a fresh glow that lasts all day and, bonus, a highlight is easy to apply. Just take a bit of your preferred highlighting powder and brush it lightly across your cheek bones, brown bone, and Cupid’s bow to give your face a natural glow and emphasize all of the best features. For a more intense look, simply sweep on a little more to make the highlight stand out.

Highlight Without Makeup

The only downside to this cosmetics movement is that highlighting powder is infamous for emphasizing facial texture. These shimmery powders can call attention to dry skin, fine lines, acne, and wrinkles; that’s where a beauty collagen routine comes in. Tonic’s Beauty Collagen can help restore skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, put a stop to acne, and make your skin smooth and glowy from the inside out. That means our Beauty Collagen will give you the perfect canvas for your favorite highlighters. With Beauty Tonic, you won’t have to worry any more about your highlight emphasizing unsightly skin texture; you will be free to glow as bright as you desire!

Natural Highlight All Year

As we move from summer into fall and, eventually, winter, there’s no reason to let go of the highlighting trend. Your glow can last all year with golden-hued highlights looking great in summer and early fall, silver shimmers lighting up your look in winter, and pink tones warming your face in spring. With Tonic's Beauty Collagen and your favorite highlighting powder, you can have a flawless glow all year.