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3 Summer Scents to keep you Smelling Fresh


From perfume to scented lotion, body wash, and even shampoo, we surround ourselves with scents every day. As strange as it sounds, the way you smell can affect the way you feel and how you think as well as how others feel when they’re around you. And while there are a lot of great scents out there, your scent of choice should change with the season. Don’t stick to one scent all year long because scents like warm vanilla are much more suited to cold weather than hot summer days. Here’s our list of summery scents that will keep you smelling fresh this year.

  • We can’t make a list of summer scents without mentioning citrus! Lemon, lime, and even grapefruit are perfect scents for warm days because of how effervescent they are. If you’re looking for something with more depth, look for citrus scents that have been combined with ginger or sandalwood.
  • This summer, try out some sunflower-scented products. You’ll be surprised at how sweet and complex sunflower scents can be. This is my summer go-to because it’s not overly flowery or overly sweet but it has a little bit of both.
  • Coconut is a classic summer scent. Evoking images of warm beaches and island breezes, coconut scents are warm without feeling oppressive on hot days. Find a perfume or lotion that combines coconut with citrus for an even brighter feel.

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