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3 Fun Hairstyles to keep you Cool

woman with bun hairstyle


Between the heat and the humidity, dealing with your hair in the summer can be a nightmare. Generally, you want it off of your neck to keep you cool but you also want to be able to look and feel cute and fun. You don’t have to settle for a plain pony tail or a messy bun to stay cool this summer. Here are three summer hairstyle ideas that keep all of your needs in mind.

1: Twisted Space Buns: Space buns are coming back into style at the moment and we are totally here for it. Space buns are young and bubbly and they pick your hair up off of your neck so that you can keep cool. To achieve the look, separate your hair into two sections as if you were going to make pigtails. Then twist each section of hair up into a bun on the side of your head and secure them with bobby pins. It’s ok if the buns are a little messy!

2: Piled-High Curls: Celebrate the frizz the humidity gives your hair with this free, messy, and playful look. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, start by putting small, tight curls into your hair with a 1/2 inch iron or by sleeping with small sections of your hair twisted up and pinned. Once your head is covered with small, bouncy curls, pile them on top of your head. Use a claw clip, bobby pins, or pull the curls into a super high pony and let them do their thing.

3: Bubble Pony: Elevate your pony tail from utility to funky fashion by making it a bubble pony. To achieve the look, start by putting your hair into a pony tail. Then put another pony holder around the hair 2-3 inches down from the first and another 2-3 inches down from that until you reach a good end point. Pull the hair up in the sections to create a slight bubble effect. Tip: use colored holders for a funkier look or leave some front-tendrils down for a messier vibe.

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