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3 Bad Nail Habits to Break

Your nails may be a small part of your body but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less love than the rest of you. Though they may seem insignificant, your nails are noticed more often than you think and having strong, healthy nails can send a message of overall health and wellness. Plus, what fun is having fingernails if they aren’t long enough or healthy enough to paint? Still, people have some seriously bad habits when it comes to their nails so we’re going to talk about which ones you should be quitting ASAP and how to better support your nails.

  1. Can we even make this list if nail biting isn’t at the top of it? Nail biting is extremely common and we get it but this habit is super damaging to your nail. Biting your nails keeps them from growing and can also weaken the nail. On top of nail damage, biting can harm the skin around your nail leaving cuts, sores, and even calluses. Most people bite their nails out of boredom or a need to fidget so some people find that a fidget tool of some kind can help them learn not to bite their nails so that the nail has time to grow.
  2. Cutting cuticles is another bad habit when it comes to nail health. While it makes sense to push the cuticle out of the way when doing nail art, a lot of people have taken to cutting the cuticle off instead. While it is a common practice and even some nail salons remove the cuticle, it is dangerous. Though it might seem insignificant, the cuticle protects your nail and removing it can cause infections that damage both the skin and the nail. Buy a cuticle tool that allows you to gently push them down rather than cutting them off.
  3. Another common trap people fall into is using their nails to do things nails were not meant to do. If you find yourself tearing your nails by trying to pry open packaging or scrape something off of your table, you are putting your nails under more stress than they can handle. Generally, nails are not strong enough to be used as tools and doing so can rip them but it can also damage your nailbed by pulling the nail away from your skin. It’s best to grab a more appropriate tool for whatever you’re attempting and give your nails a rest.

The best thing you can do for your nails is protect them with good hygiene, health, and care. Your nails reflect your health so if you don’t take good care of yourself, your nails will suffer, too. Luckily, you can strengthen your nails by starting a Beauty Tonic regimen. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that will help your body support your nails, allowing them to grow faster, longer, and stronger so that you can put all of your bad nail habits behind you.