2017 Fall Nail Trends Using Collagen - Custom Collagen


2017 Fall Nail Trends Using Collagen


According to Glamour, this fall has brought us quite a few interesting nail polish trends. While the runways are filled with nail trends we can’t even dream of pulling off at home, think huge diamonds and long, sharp nails with chains hanging from them, there are a few wearable trends you might like to try this fall.

First up, the colors trending this fall:

  • Unusual Neutrals and Nudes: neutrals and nudes are always in style, but this fall we’re seeing slightly more off-beat colors like murky mustard yellows, mauves, taupes, and green-hued grays. These colors are a little grungy and a lot of fun.
  • Interesting Darks: our dark colors are also unusual this year. While grays and blacks are still in rotation, get a little more adventurous with your deep nail polish. Try a dark maroon or violet that can carry you through the winter months.
  • Metallic: metallic nail polish has been all the rage for some time now and it isn’t over yet. This fall we are still seeing lots of gold, rose-gold, and silver on our nails. Try a fun copper color to bring out the orangey tones of your fall wardrobe!

The techniques trending this fall:

  • Dry Brushing: dry brushing is the technique of painting your nail in one color and then swiping a bit of another color overtop with a mostly dry brush, leading to a faded effect. Try swiping on an unusual neutral like a mauve and once that dries, with just a little polish on your brush, drag a gold down from the tip to about halfway down your nail. The mauve should show through the streaky metallic.
  • Colorful Tips: This fall, applying color just to the tip of your nail and leaving the rest nude is an emerging trend. After applying a clear base coat, apply a fun color (try it with an interesting dark) just to the white of your nail, following the natural curved line of your tip.

Of course, for any of these nail trends you need your nails to be long and beautiful! Start a Beauty Tonic collagen regimen to make sure your nails grow quickly and stay strong so that you can try all of this year’s nail trends. Your nails can make just as big of a statement as your outfit so make sure you have the canvas to make the statement you want to with Beauty Tonic!