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Fuller Facial Hair with Collagen

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It’s officially November and that means that No-Shave November, the month of unchecked facial hair, is here again. It’s that time of year when some men choose to put away their razors and see just how much beard they can grow. Of course, November is not the only time of year that facial hair is important. Just like your clothing, facial hair is an expression of your identity; it is one of the ways you tell the world who you are and who you want to be. And lately, thick beards have been very in-style in our social moment. Seeing as facial hair can be so important, many men want to keep your beard healthy and full.

Collagen for Stronger, Fuller Facial Hair

You’ve heard that Tonic’s collagen is good for hair but what you might not have realized is that we don’t just mean the hair on your head. All of the benefits your lustrous locks reap from collagen can also benefit your facial hair! Tonic collagen can help with hair fullness and growth, meaning that it could help you achieve more impressive No-Shave November whiskers. It may also help those who struggle with growing facial hair or find that their facial hair is a bit patchy to counteract those problems year-round. Collagen works best when consumed regularly so it is important to keep up a regimen if you really want to see the difference in your facial hair. Luckily, Tonic’s collagen products are tasteless and can be mixed into your favorite drink or any recipe with liquid so you don’t have to worry about how to fit collagen into your diet and schedule.