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Collagen and Your Best Valentine’s-Day Style


A celebration of love and all things romantic, February 14th is a polarizing holiday. Though some people hate watching the date roll around, this Valentine’s Day will find many of us out on the town. Whether you’re planning to spend V-Day with a long time love, a new boo, or celebrating the single life with your best friends, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on the 14th. Our advice is to embrace the Valentine Vibe and go all-in this year because we can all us a little more love in our lives. We also have some ideas about what look you should go for this year.

Before you decide which V-Day style to rock, make sure your canvas is prepped and naturally gorgeous with Beauty Tonic. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically targeted to help support healthy nails, skin, and hair. A Beauty Tonic regimen can help to reduce fine lines, moisturize skin, and aid hair and nails in growing stronger and longer. With a boost of collagen daily, you can be confident enough to pull of any Valentine’s look. Here are our favorite Valentines styles and how to achieve them this year.

  1. Playful in Pink: Embrace the silly side of this often-ribbed holiday and go with a slightly campy look. We suggest starting with a bold pink lip and shimmery eye makeup for this style. Pair that with a fun hairstyle (think high pony or crimped, volumized locks) and a tongue-in-cheek outfit. Reach for some neon pinks or heart-print fabrics to really nail the “you can’t tell whether I’m serious or only like Valentine’s Day ironically” look.
  2. Naturally Sweet: If you usually go for simpler looks or you’re headed on a date, a slightly amped-up natural look could be just right this Valentine’s Day. For makeup, grab some mascara that will lengthen and separate eyelashes. Add a swipe of highlighter and blush-tinted cheeks with a slightly pink nude lip for a gorgeously simple look. Wear your hair down with some extra-moisturized shine and reach for a flirty dress or dark-wash jean and a light, flowy top to round out this look. Your natural beauty will definitely shine.
  3. Old Hollywood Romance: We’ll take any excuse to get Hollywood-glammed up. This is the perfect style for a sultry date or a night of being wonderfully extra with the girls. The makeup look is a classic and it starts with a deep red lip (yes, you can pull it off). Add a slightly smoky eye and, if you’re ambitious, winged liner. Soft curls or an elegant up-do and a curve-celebrating dress in gold, silver, or a rich color like emerald finish off this tried-and-true look. What better day to embrace your inner bombshell than Valentine’s Day?